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Fear No Ice
Fear No Ice Is A True Multi-Media Performance Art Company.
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Christine Van Loo

Aerial Artist & Acrobat

As an event organizer, you know better than anyone that entertaining a crowd isn’t easy. When it comes to finding an entertainer who steps out of the bounds of the average shtick, Specialvarietyacts.com is the place where you’ll find that niche kind of performer that you’re after for your next event.

The concept of the variety act came out of Vaudeville, a genre of entertainment that saw its heyday during the 19th century. A typical Vaudeville show was a sort of traveling menagerie of comics, impressionists, ventriloquists, actors, acrobats and other kinds of variety performers, each of whom brought their special talents to a larger, encompassing show. As new media such as film and television developed, variety entertainers refined their crafts, learning the ways to make large crowds laugh, cry and experience all the catharsis in between.

In today’s world of live entertainment, you need something special to entertain a crowd. Only the best, most professional entertainers are featured in Specialvarietyacts.com’s roster. Whether you seek a magical illusionist to craft compelling tricks to the disbelief of your audience eyes, an a capella musical group that will warm your audience members’ hearts, a silent comedy act that will appeal to your audience’s sense of humor in ways they never though imaginable, or any of a number of categories of special entertainment, Specialvarietyacts.com is your one-stop shop.

Browse the list of categories above to find all sorts of variety entertainment, some of which you may have never experienced. For example, to add a huge kick of spice to your next event, look no further than Specialvarietyacts.com’s gaucho artists, who perform a special variety of Latin cowboy tricks to the amazement of their crowds. Furthermore, our mentalists are well-trained at performing feats of mind reading that leave few audience members jaws from dropping.

Don’t fall into the rut of booking the same kind of entertainment time and time again, but rather look to Specialvarietyacts.com’s list of accomplished performers to add something different to your next event.

Just a few other categories of entertainers you’ll find at our site include pyrotechnical performers who use fire to create a scintillating visual image on stage that isn’t to be missed. Our aerial artists will leap through the air with grace and precision, performing with an ease you’ve hitherto not seen. Dancers, percussionists, and a few performers who break all molds are ready to burst like multi-colored confetti onto the stage of your next event. Let your search for an accomplished and off-the-beaten path artist end at Specialvarietyacts.com, where you’ll find the perfectly delightful entertainer that will add an extra kick of energy to your next event.

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